MevEngine is a Private Tech Agency of Blockchain Engineers, Quant Developers and Strategists Working on the Decentralized Finance market [ DEFI ] and CEFI markets like the Popular Coinbase.io, Binance and Kucoin. 

Using Well Developed and Audited Smart Contract, Lightweight Code and Improved Algorithms, We Deliver Top Quality Trading Bots For Private Companies and Traders and With over $400M+ Tracked Profits From MevEngine’s MEV Defi Bots and HFT Bots, We are Supercharged About the Future. 

With MevEngine’s Products You are One-Step Ahead in the Market.


Thinking Outside the Box has Always been the main factor in common for Top Innovative and futuristic Companies and this dates back to the Golden Age of Inventors and the likes of Albert Einstein.

Mevengine Brings together the Brightest of Minds, The Sharpest of the Skilled and the Most Logical Market Analysts, Tech Traders, Quant Developers and Crypto Visionaries to Deliver the Best product for Mevengine Community.

Ensuring You Get the maximum Value in return of Your investments will Always be Mevengine’s Main Goal. Our PATENTED TECHNOLOGIES Are here to do things differently for a better result.


With Permissionlessness and Freedom Attached to WEB3, Mevengine is here to Contribute to the future.

Providing Bright and Efficient Trading product for Retail Traders, Enterprise Traders and Institutional Traders. Mevengine Guarantees Access from all 195 Countries Across the globe.

Zero Restrictions, Zero Sanctions, Zero Permissions. You can TRADE FREE, INVEST FREE and EARN FREE.


What is Mevengine

Mevengine is a Provider of Both Web3 and CEX Crypto Trading tools on the Crypto Market. With our High-End and Turnkey Technological Innovation built on Advanced technology. We Improve Trading Efficiency and Result Output of over 50% More productivity. Without Any Competition in the Digital World, Mevengine is One of a kind and One to be recognised by all!

We believe and Sail Towards Anything Pertaining to the Future and Better Progress. Web3 is not Only a promising Future, There are Around 5,000,000 Monthly Active Web3 On-chain Users.

This will Only Get Better. So Mevengine is Happy to be a part of the Future and the Next Brighter Generations to come.

Mevengine Ensures to involve Active traders and Investors At Every Level of Trading Imaginable right to the Highest form of Traders to Exist. Including Retail traders | Large Scale Traders and Institution Traders.

All Mevengine Products Comes with Better Security, Fully Audited and Bug-free Product. Our Cybersecurity is a ROUND-THE-CLOCK Military Grade Type. We are not one to leave anything to chance.

Over 150M+ Monthly Traded Volume, 5000+ Positive [ 98% ] feedback, 500+ Institutional Projects Deployed | Thousands of Secret Enterprise and Secret Agencies Served, Mevengine Truly Have a SAY Among the Best!

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