How a User made Over 19.2K% profit Trading with Flashloan Arbitrage bot from Mevengine?

Ever since the Rise of Defi, Flashloan Arbitrage Trading bots and Automated Flashloan Arbitrage Has been Making Millions for Developers and Smart Contract Expert. MevEngine Offers a Newbie-Friendly Flashloan Arbitrage Trading bot For People with Zero-coding Skills to Perform Profitable Arbitrage and Earn Like a Pro Using our Patented technology and Smart Contract.


An Arbitrage Happens Basically When You Make a Profit Of Price Differences On Two Cryptocurrencies from Different Platforms.

For Instance, Arbitrageur X Goes to Furucombo and Setups a Flashloan Trigger, Maybe Pancakeswap Sells [ Coin A ] for $500 and Kyberswap Sells the Same [ Coin A ] for $504, Then Flashloan Allows you to Borrow $1,000,000 Worth of Token and You Trade both Coins Against one Another in a single transaction and You repay, You Bought $1000,000 Worth of [ COIN A ] from Pancakeswap and then You resell on Kyberswap, in short, You Will have made $8,000 at the End of the Day Using Flashloan and Without You spending Nothing other than Gas Fee. So basically Flashloan Allows you to Trade Market Differences without Your own Funds.


The Most popular Flashloan Platform is the Furucombo Application and it Provides you with a Reliable interface to Trade as a Flashloan Arbitrageur Conveniently once You have Your Strategies Well-Planned and Your Metamask Wallet ready, You are good to go, Learn how to Setup a Metamask for Defi Trading here

Smart Contract Flashloan is the Champion of the Flashloan Arbitrage Trading world, Using a Set of Automated Programming, Smart contracts, and Algorithms The Bot Looks for Flashloan Opportunities and Executes the Arbitrage in a single Transaction very Quickly Based on the technology, Protocol, and Strategy and Algorithm You Use.


MevEngine Flashloan Arbitrage bot is a Smart Contract Trading bot that is Built With Advanced Algorithms and Lightweight code. Using Smart contract functions the Bot Follows Strategy and Scans the Market for Both Linear Arbitrage and Triangular Arbitrage opportunities.

Linear Arbitrage — MevEngine bot Offers a Direct|Straightforward Arbitrage Transaction featuring Only Two Dapps, Executing a Direct trade By Borrowing From Liquidity on AAVE | Equalizer and Arbitraging Between two Dapps Using a Special Smart contract and Algorithm Leaving Your Profits in Your Metamask Wallet.

Triangular Arbitrage — features a More Complex Form of Arbitrage. When the Flashloan Algorithm Detects Price Differences with higher Potential From 3 Different Platforms|Dapps, it Stimulated the Smart Contract Function and Borrows Liquidity, Execute Transactions Between the 3 Platforms, and Delivers the End Profit + Repayment of the Liquidity Back to where it was Fetched.

MevEngine Arbitrage bot Delivers a Stunning Profitable performance By Utilizing a 0.3% Gas fee Per transaction and Making Maximum ROI Per Arbitrage Execution.

With Little Competition in the Flashloan World, You Only Need a faster and Smarter Flashloan Arbitrage System which Mevengine Has Perfected and provides for Both Pro Traders and Institutional Firms.

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